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Echoes of the Samurai: How Yagyu Munenori's Zen Teachings Shaped Bruce Lee and the Art of Jeet Kune Do

Yagyu Munenori was a renowned swordsman, strategist, and philosopher who lived in Japan during the 17th century. He was the founder of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu school of swordsmanship and authored the "Heiho Kadensho," a classic text on martial arts philosophy. One of his most famous quotes is, "I am moving and not moving at all. I am like the moon underneath the waves that ever go on rocking and rolling." This quote has become a cornerstone of Zen teachings, influencing martial artists across different disciplines, including Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do (JKD) practitioners.

Yagyu Munenori's quote expresses a fundamental principle in Zen Buddhism - the notion of non-duality or non-dual awareness. It means seeing reality as it is, beyond dualistic concepts such as good or bad, right or wrong, self or other. In this sense, "moving and not moving" refers to being present in one's actions while remaining aware of one's surroundings without attachment or resistance. It's like being the moon...

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