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Forging Skills: Immersive Insights from Doug Marcaida's Karambit Workshop

As a martial artist and enthusiast of Filipino Martial Arts, the Way of the Karambit Workshop this past weekend was more than just an event; it was a homecoming. Over the years, I've had the privilege of training with Kuya Doug Marcaida on several occasions. This workshop was an opportunity to walk the path of the Kali Way once more, reuniting with Doug and other old friends from the brotherhood of the blade. It was an occasion filled with rekindling old bonds, forging new ones, and immersing in the art's timeless teachings.

My first encounter with Kuya Doug in the early 2010s was at a workshop hosted by the incredible Alan and Anthony Sanidad.  The subject was ironically the karambit, yet it was not just the claw-like blade that left a mark; it was Kuya Doug's philosophy that resonated deeply. He didn't just preach the art of Filipino bladesmanship; he embodied it, and his lessons transcended mere combative technique. It was not just about wielding a...

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