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Maryland Jeet Kune Do

Welcome to Maryland Jeet Kune Do, where we take self-defense training to the next level. Our curriculum consists of a diverse range of martial traditions, including Chinese Boxing, Wing Chun, Western Boxing, Fencing, Savate, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, and Filipino Kali.

Here's what sets us apart:

We prioritize street self-defense. Our training focuses on equipping you with the skills to effectively protect yourself in real-life situations. We then adapt and modify the training for those interested in competing in sports, not the other way around.

We believe in training with progressive resistance. To truly learn how to fight, you need to practice against someone who is fighting back. Our safe and enjoyable training environment allows everyone, regardless of experience, to do just that.

We develop complete self-defense athletes. Our training prepares you for a wide range of situations, including standing, clinch, and ground combat, facing multiple opponents, handling weaponry, and adapting to different environments. We want you to train in as many self-defense scenarios as possible, so you'll have experience when you need it most.

We prioritize enjoyment in training. While we work hard to develop functional skills, we believe that training should also be fun. Our sessions are designed to be enjoyable, creating an environment where you look forward to each class.

Remember the wise words of Bruce Lee: "You should train seriously, but don't seriously train." So join us at Maryland Jeet Kune Do and let's train with passion, enthusiasm, and a lot of fun.

Mixed Martial Arts for the Street

Unleash your untapped potential with the MMA For The Street program. No matter your background, our step-by-step approach will transform you into a skilled self-defense fighter in no time. Say goodbye to vulnerability in standing, clinch, and ground ranges.

Experience the power of blending the practicality of MMA with the efficient techniques of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. This one-of-a-kind approach developed by Burton Richardson will rapidly enhance your self-defense skills.

Our program is meticulously crafted to make you a formidable fighter. From techniques to drills and sparring, every element has one goal: to unlock your true fighting potential.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, our self-defense curriculum is suitable for all levels. Don't miss this opportunity to become the best fighter you can be.

Filipino Kali

Maryland Jeet Kune Do's Kali program is your path to becoming a highly skilled fighter. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from - we will guide you, step-by-step, to reach your fighting potential. Our comprehensive training includes techniques, drills, and sparring focused on making you the ultimate fighter. Get ready to excel in using sticks, knives, and swords with confidence and safety. Don't miss your chance to become the best fighter you can be.

At our Kali school, we are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards in teaching, training, and personal conduct. We believe that respecting the cultural heritage of Kali is essential during our training sessions. All students and representatives are expected to maintain honor and integrity both inside and outside of class. By learning and applying the philosophy and skills of Kali responsibly and with respect, we ensure that our students embody the true essence of this art.

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Insights on Jeet Kune Do, its training techniques, philosophical ideas, and its influence on lifestyle, penned and disseminated by JB MuSsang Jaeger.


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